Welcome to the SaltaRios website! In our new webpage we will give you all the information you need to enjoy the best active tourism and leisure in Andalusia. We are specialist in white water sailing and rafting, kayaking and canoeing down rivers, etc… You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun activities to enjoy with your friends, if you need something to do for a stag o hen party, or if you just need to unwind from your daily work duties with an alternative plan. We offer a wide range of leisure tourism activities in the province of Granada, Malaga, Cordova, Jaen, Seville and Almeria.

SaltaRios has his origin in the passion of its founders for kayaking down white waters rivers. Our company took its first steps in rafting in groups on the rivers Genil (in the province of Cordova) and Guadalfeo (province of Granada) ten years ago. Since then our aim has been to consolidate ourselves as a reference in action and leisure tourism and to improve the capacity and training of our team and monitors. In high season, rafting in Benameji and Orgiva takes up a large part of the activity of the SaltaRios guides

In white water rafting, the strong points of our company are::

Rafting Andalucía: Genil River, Guadalfeo, Málaga, Jaén…

  • In each of these places there is also an option to go down stream by kayak.

During the last few years, SaltaRios has increased its activities in multi-adventure which it offers in almost all of the Andalusian territory: trekking, hiking trails, bungee jumping and paintball are just a few of the leisure options you can find on this webpage. Here our intention is to offer basic information about our services, amongst which we highlight activities for stag and hen parties, incentive courses for businesses, multi-adventure packages and activities for school children. In this new space you can also find access to our blog, our communication platform keeping us in contact with lovers of the world of leisure which is updated from time to time with contents of interest to lovers of active and multi-adventure tourism. Gorge walking in Andalusia is another of our strong points. SaltaRios is one of the first to offer to the public the activity of gorge walking along the River Verde and also in Lenteji canyon abseiling (both in Granada). Hundreds of clients have tried out our activities along the various stretches of river offered by SaltaRios. Gorge walking on the Green River as well as gorge walking in Lenteji, offers the public various stretches which are adapted to the necessities and abilities of all those groups which are interested in enjoying this type of sport. Our catalogue also offers canyon abseiling in other Andalusian provinces. Click on gorge walking in Andalusia to know all the places that we offer, which contains a multitude of natural habitats in our autonomous community.